The Dis-United States of Cannabis

In the absence of federal action on cannabis, states have passed a patchwork of laws for adult-use and medical marijuana. Although federal law still designates marijuana as an illegal Schedule I drug, 48 states have laws on the books that allow or decriminalize the use of cannabis in some form.

Eleven states and Washington, D.C. have legalized — and 15 states have decriminalized — adult-use cannabis, which usually allows retail sales and home-grown marijuana on a mixed basis. A majority of states have enacted medical marijuana laws, which allow eligible patients to obtain or grow cannabis to treat a range of conditions.

POLITICO’s cannabis legalization tracker will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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Social media influencers can help cannabis businesses get around advertising restrictions

Social media influencers are people hired by companies to engage with prospective customers via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other online platforms.

Influencers can provide a way for marijuana companies to advertise their products because they have built up trust with their followers and can impact purchasing decisions.

And, because of advertising and marketing limitations imposed on the cannabis industry, influencers can broadcast companies’ messages in places the companies themselves cannot.

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Research Suggests Marijuana Is Competition For Alcohol, Not Tobacco

If you were asked to predict which industry would suffer more from the legalization of recreational marijuana, the alcohol industry or the tobacco industry, which would you choose? This was the question explored in a new article appearing in the journal Marketing Science.

The answer, researchers found, was the alcohol industry. But how they got there is perhaps as interesting as the finding itself.

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