6 Important Questions We Should Be Asking About Legalization

What will be the tipping point when it comes to federal action? The real unknown is whether the federal government will be a major player in the industry’s success, or if individual states and regions will continue to lead the charge.

Looking at the year ahead, here are six questions we should be asking about the future of the cannabis industry.

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Recent decisions on tax fines offer ray of hope for cannabis industry

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision this week not to consider a Colorado Supreme Court ruling on a tax fine – coupled with dissenting opinions in a recent case involving a California medical marijuana company – could have significant ramifications for the cannabis industry, according to tax experts.

The two rulings together appear to have somewhat weakened 280E, which potentially is good news for the cannabis industry. Click link in bio to find out why.

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Marijuana legalization may hit 40 states. Now what?

More than 40 U.S. states could allow some form of legal marijuana by the end of 2020, including deep red Mississippi and South Dakota — and they’re doing it with the help of some conservatives.

State lawmakers are teeing up their bills as legislative sessions kick off around the country, and advocates pushing ballot measures are racing to collect and certify signatures to meet deadlines for getting their questions to voters.

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Several states could legalize cannabis sales in 2020

Up to a dozen states could legalize adult-use or medical marijuana in 2020 through their legislatures or ballot measures, although only about a handful will likely do so.

Much of the cannabis industry’s focus will hone in on a possible recreational marijuana domino effect along the East Coast, which could create billions of dollars in business opportunities.

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Five Ways A Cannabis Shop Can Stand Apart From The Competition

Anyone who has visited an area with a booming cannabis industry – whether a medical or adult-use market – is likely familiar with the scene: some storefronts have lines around the block while others are somewhat empty. In states where cannabis licenses are plentiful, the competition can be fierce. So how does a shop differentiate itself in a neighborhood or city and increase its market share?

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the team at Canna Business Solutions, your experts in accounting and compliance services for the medical cannabis industry! Thanks to all our great partners and we look forward to growing with you in 2020 and beyond.

Marijuana On The 2020 Ballot: These States Could Vote

Ever since Colorado and Washington became the first two states to approve marijuana legalization initiatives in 2012, additional states have joined them in each biennial election that has followed. And 2020 could be a banner year for cannabis on the ballot.

There are at least 16 states where advocates believe marijuana measures could go before voters next year—some considering full-scale recreational legalization while others would focus on medical cannabis.

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