Did U.S. cannabis users spend their stimulus cheques on weed?

Previous data showed a weed sales bump coincided with the coronavirus pandemic unfolding in late March, as cannabis users stockpiled products in fear of dispensaries closing. More recent data elicits a new trend — using stimulus checks to celebrate 4/20.

Cannabis intelligence firms have reported an unusual boost in sales for April 15, the first day U.S. citizens could receive stimulus checks, accounting for normal spending increases around 4/20.

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10 tips US cannabis businesses should follow in an economic downturn

With businesses around the country shuttered and millions of Americans out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. is facing its gravest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Below are 10 tips cannabis businesses should follow when facing an economic downturn.

This list is not necessarily unique to cannabis businesses.

But in an industry that’s already subject to greater federal, state and local scrutiny, these concepts can serve as a guide for those seeking to relieve their financial stress.

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US House OKs cannabis banking in passing $3 trillion coronavirus bill

The U.S. House of Representatives late Friday passed a $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill that includes a provision that would allow banks to serve state-legal marijuana businesses without fear of punishment.

The bill passed along partisan lines by a 208-199 margin, and now heads to the Senate where it faces fierce Republican resistance.

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Marketing lessons cannabis companies learned during 4/20/2020

The coronavirus pandemic forced marijuana companies to be creative in getting the word out during this year’s 4/20 sales event.

With limited to no in-store sales capabilities, businesses leaned on web-based solutions, including social media, videoconferencing and email marketing to reach consumers about the unofficial April 20 cannabis holiday.

Marijuana Business Daily surveyed several cannabis businesses to find out what they have learned about marketing during the COVID-19.

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