Are Cannabis Taxes Too Low? Some Economists Think So

As legalization gains momentum across North America, many officials in non-legal states are looking wistfully at their 420-friendly neighbors and wondering if they’re missing out on an opportunity to bring in millions of dollars in cannabis tax revenue. Link to story below:

5 Tips For Cannabis Brands To Creatively Overcome Marketing Challenges

Marketing your cannabis brand can be a bit of a challenge with federal and state rules as well as restrictive social media platform guidelines that all but ban brands. In addition to all of that, cannabis brands are constantly having to prove their legitimacy to naysayers and overall critics of the industry. As a group of hungry professionals who are no stranger to standing up to a big challenge, the cannabis industry itself must be innovative in its approaches so that it can responsibly market its brands to potential customers. Here are 5 ways you can creatively market your brand while overcoming some of the challenges that marketing cannabis brings with it as presented by Marijuana Retail Report. Link to story below:

Maryland marijuana panel approves ban on cannabis advertising on billboards, radio, TV and other media

he Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission voted unanimously Thursday to ban billboard, radio, TV and most online advertising by marijuana companies — a move that representatives for the firms said they would fight in the General Assembly when it convenes next month.

The new rules also prohibit advertising in print publications such as newspapers and magazines that cannot prove that 85 percent of their audience is over 18 years old, and bans the use of leaflets or flyers in most public and private places. This is evidence that the fight continues to end the stigma of medical cannabis use. Link to Baltimore Sun article below:

5 Top Marijuana Stories of 2018

No matter how you look at it, 2018 was the biggest year ever for the growth of the marijuana industry. More money was made from legal sales of marijuana — both for medical and for recreational purposes — than in the past. Public support for marijuana reached all-time highs.
So much happened in 2018 that picking the biggest marijuana stories of the year isn’t easy. But there were five major developments that stood out because of their significant impact. Link to story below: