The Perilous Practice of Banking on Pot

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Cannabis in America is still federally illegal, even in states with legal medical marijuana programs. Therefore, state-legal medical marijuana transactions are mostly conducted with cash. This cash is not allowed to be deposited in a bank, because The Federal Reserve regulates state-chartered member banks. Being unable to bank puts business owners in the cannabis space in a quandary on how to conduct business like other merchants.

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Could Florida’s Next Governor Make It the 10th Legal Cannabis State?

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In a surprise upset in the Florida state primary Last week, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum defeated a heavily favored frontrunner to claim the Democratic nomination for governor.

Gillum, a strong legalization advocate, shocked the political world on Tuesday night.
Gillum, a 39-year-old rising political star, ran to the left of his party’s more heavily financed opponents—and embraced full adult-use legalization as the best path forward for Florida.

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N.J. could vote on legal weed bill next month, top lawmaker says


Lawmakers in New Jersey could vote on a cannabis legalization bill as early as next month but its success is not yet guaranteed. New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney said on Wednesday that he expects to get enough votes to pass the measure when it’s ready, but the bill hasn’t been finalized and so, technically, lawmakers could still find enough faults with the bill to turn it down.

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