10 ways to invest in cannabis

$32 billion by 2022. That’s how big the global cannabis industry is projected to become. And it’s more than three times the size of the industry in 2017. How can investors cash in on this tremendous growth? Click ahead for 10 ways you can invest in cannabis.

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The Difference Between Weed And Cannabis

As the author says “I use the word ‘cannabis’ because I think it legitimizes referring to this thing by its truest identity: a plant.
Thinking about it as a plant helps strip away the socially-attributed associations of illegal contraband and deadend pastime.

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Experts suggest if US House flips, federal cannabis reform could follow

Prospects of federal marijuana reform – and the growing fortunes of cannabis businesses – could become more of a reality if the U.S. House turns over to a Democratic majority in the Nov. 6 elections, industry experts predict.

Cannabis proponents believe if the House breaks the deadlock on federal reform, the Senate will follow because it recognizes that the majority of Americans favor legalization.

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Facebook Finally Lifts Its Ban On Pot Pages

Facebook Inc., will repeal its moratorium on cannabis and related search results, according to MarketWatch. Their decision came just days before the legalization of adult recreational marijuana sales in Canada this past Wednesday.

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Canopy Growth CEO Predicts Cannabis Industry Can Bank Legally By Christmas

One of the biggest issues currently facing the cannabis industry is the lack of legal access to banking. Cannabis companies such as dispensaries are currently being creative with cash-only businesses or using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, to skirt around current federal regulations which bar them from banking. However, if Canopy Growth’s CEO Bruce Linton is to be believed, that issue may be rectified as early as January of 2019, when according to him, canna-businesses will be able to begin to bank legally. Linton calls the unprecedented, upcoming move “a Christmas present,” to the cannabis industry.

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Cannabis capitalism: who is making money in the marijuana industry?

The future looks very green indeed. But since New Year’s Day 2014, when Colorado opened the world’s first regulated recreational marijuana market, the business climate for weed companies has proven immensely difficult for a range of reasons, including high taxes, rapidly changing regulations and a still robust illicit market.

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