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Marketing lessons cannabis companies learned during 4/20/2020

The coronavirus pandemic forced marijuana companies to be creative in getting the word out during this year’s 4/20 sales event.

With limited to no in-store sales capabilities, businesses leaned on web-based solutions, including social media, videoconferencing and email marketing to reach consumers about the unofficial April 20 cannabis holiday.

Marijuana Business Daily surveyed several cannabis businesses to find out what they have learned about marketing during the COVID-19.

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Live streaming, digital ads keep cannabis brands on consumers’ minds

Many marijuana brands have relied on in-store pop-ups and educating budtenders about their products to reach consumers.

But as cannabis customers increasingly order products online for delivery or pickup – and with the expectation that these habits will persist after the coronavirus pandemic is under control – marijuana brands should consider more direct ways to reach their audience to ensure sales stay strong, according to industry officials.

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What cannabis companies need to know about the CARES Act paycheck protection program

Many small business, including marijuana companies, have rushed to apply for paycheck protection during the COVID-19 crisis under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The first-come, first-served program totals about $350 million. It provides what amounts to a free loan to small businesses to help them weather the pandemic and retain their employees.

Which begs the question: Are marijuana businesses eligible for such funding?

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